Although some of the resources that have been historically important on Earth still serve purposes in the galaxy, new resources have emerged that now take precedent in the galactic economy. For humans, water and air are still vitally important for expansion, and resources or planets that provide those are in high demand for the humans.

Resources are broken up by use and importance:

Eltonium – Used for building the metal needed for the foundations of domes and settlements in a variety of atmospheric and planetary conditions. High density, incredibly resistant to corrosion and erosion and a variety of temperatures. Its high density and natural magnetism makes it difficult to procure without the correct equipment. It is commonly used in outside parts of the generators needed for domes, which, besides Terrafuel, makes it the most expensive and sought after resource for colonization and expansion.

Altonium – Eltonium’s sister material, which is usually placed above the metal Eltonium framework, as it is not magnetized and provides a protective barrier between the dome and its foundation. It is also useful for buildings and other systems within the dome. By terraforming a planet, changing its core, and using the two materials together, domes can mimic conditions very similar to Earth, which makes colonization and immigration far easier around the galaxy. Since it is vital for many building operations in space, it is nearly as expensive as Eltonium, but its slightly easier method to procure makes it less costly to acquire.

Solar Glass – Used for domes with clear outer shells, and commonly used in building spacecraft. Incredibly tough, particularly against ballistics. Also protects against radiation, severe heat and cold, and minor space debris. Its outside is re-coated every so often to repair against any erosion and damage. It is occasionally used for light vehicles working in space.

Terrasource – Patented systems used to generate energy and other effects. It comes in several forms based on its purpose. Air Terrasource is a highly advanced generation system used to convert and cycle air and atmosphere, which is vital for domes and high-tech spaceships. Like a plant, it can create Oxygen from Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide. The machine itself is patented, but the material needed – Oxygeneation – is made synthetically through naturally occurring elements such as Oxygen. The exact process and methods are a closely guarded secret, but many companies can mimic the technology and science, albeit not as reliably. The system requires water to function for long amounts of time.



Atmospheric Elements (eg Oxygen)

Food – and by extension farmable land


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