Intergalactic Agreement

The Intergalactic Agreement:
The Intergalactic Agreement was written when the first habitable planet was nearing readiness several light years away from Earth. The Soviet Federation and the Amero-Europeans had ships nearing the planet and the international groups such as the UN helped forge the first draft of the Agreement. It has since been revised several times as new alien species and solar systems have been discovered. The basic tenets of the Agreement are as follows:

1. No Coop is to declare war or engage in overtly direct hostile actions against another Co-op with first calling a Co-op Council to resolve issues and options for their disputes.

2. No Co-op is to declare war or engage in hostile activities with an Alien species without the support of at least one other Co-op and a written allowance from the Intergalactic Board. If a Co-op or its people are the victims of a hostility, aggression, or violence from members of an Alien species, it is allowed to take necessary actions for its own defense and the safety of its citizens, resources, and holdings.
- addendum a: except in case of hostile Strake near citizens, resources, or holding

3. colonialism/expansion

4. resource collection

5. new alien contact

6. technology and tech trade

7. military and military operations, including galactic/planetary policing

8. deep space

9. relays

10. trade

Intergalactic Agreement

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