Money, Banking, Trade

In the Galactic Age, older forms of money are obsolete. The Intergalactic Currency is standard and agreed upon by all species as universally accepted and of equal worth. It is stored in the form of Online or Wired Credits, are Credit Cards. The cards are usually tied to an ID specific to a person or business, but forms exist without for a variety of needs. Regardless, the days of robbing pockets are gone – replaced now by hackers with technology and skill.

Banks are well-protected against these would-be criminals however and are some of the hardest places to break into virtually or otherwise.

In descending order of most protected and reliable regardless of galactic location are these major banks:

Trade is done usually with Intergalactic Currency or raw resources. The worth of resources is contingent upon where are are in the galaxy. For instance, a block of ice is more valuable in deep space than near the Core.

Money, Banking, Trade

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